Janitorial Services

Call now and build a cleaning services package that will help solve your janitorial problems.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Property Management
Car Dealerships
Medical Facilities
Charter Schools
...and More

All the Extras

Just need a quick shine? No problem! You’re covered.

Covid-19/Flu Cleaning

We live in a crazy time right now, and you deserve to be protected in your office. Using Electrostatic technology and proven hospital grade disinfectant to sterilize your office space.

Deep Cleaning

Do you want your office to look like new again? Anything you can drag your finger across will be cleaned and polished. Deep cleaning focuses on the areas that aren’t typically serviced during the regular scheduled cleanings, like window seals, ceiling fans, behind appliances, etc.

Hard Floor Maintenance

SHINY clean floors make you and your customers HAPPY!

From tile and grout cleaning to stripping and waxing, you will AMAZED with the way your floors look!​

Carpet Cleaning

Can you see game trails in your office carpet?

Your employees and customers would be AMAZED if that taco stain from 2018 was magically gone!

Nightly, weekly, however you want it, when you want it.