Making Your Life Easier

Making your life easier is what we are all about! With over 9 years’ experience servicing over 65+ commercial clients over 6 cities on a daily basis, we have caught our stride.

Coming up with solutions to allow administrators to do the job they’re actually paid to do is where we excel. You don’t need your staff incessantly informing you that the restrooms don’t have toilet paper…

Having streamlined hiring, training and operating systems is a huge plus. All of our employees are paid solely upon performance…not seniority. When we have an employee not cutting the mustard, they are quickly replaced.

Who Are these People?

Over 9 years
in business


Located in
Pocatello, Idaho

Currently operating in 6 cities

Rapid growth year after year

Woman-Owned Company

Located in a HUB ZONE

Core Values: be honest, work together, & have fun

ISSA Member

Bloodborne Pathogen & Infection Control Certified

CIMS Certified


Hard Floor Maintenance
Carpet Cleaning
Window Cleaning



More Information

Registration on SAM.GOV
Woman Owned | HubZone Small Business
DUNS Number: 006528182


We’re not perfect, if we were you probably couldn’t afford us! This is why we protect you with the “We’re Not Perfect Guarantee”: You will receive a call back within 1 hour and fix it within 24 hours or the cleaning is on us!